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Motul Lime Green Motorcycle Oil 10W40 1L
  • Motul Lime Green Motorcycle Oil 10W40 1L

Motul Lime Green Motorcycle Oil 10W40 1L

69.90 zł
Price (net): 56.83 zł

Kawasaki Lime Green Edition by Motul 10W-40 is a synthetic green coloured motorbike oil, reinforced with special Ester technology to guarantee anti-wear properties to ensure the durability of the engine and gearbox of your Kawasaki motorbike.

This unique Technosynthese® - Ester oil has been developed in collaboration between Motul / Kawasaki and ensures the maintenance of exceptional engine performance and guarantees maximum engine protection thanks to the excellent resistance of the oil film at high temperatures.

An optimised phosphorus and sulphur content (JASO MA2 below 1200) for improved catalyst operating conditions. Of the three levels included in the JASO standard: JASO MA, MA1 and MA2, the JASO MA2 specification provides the best level of friction to guarantee excellent clutch engagement, without slippage, during the three driving modes: start, acceleration and maximum speed.


Road, city, touring, off-road, enduro, trial motorbikes equipped with 4-stroke engines with or without integrated gearbox, wet or dry clutch, meeting Euro 2, 3, 4 or 5 requirements equipped with exhaust after-treatment systems: catalytic reactors, secondary air systems.

Specially developed for Kawasaki engines requiring an oil with SAE viscosity grade 10W-40.

Other applications: motorbikes without catalytic converters, scooters, ATVs, etc...

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