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Benefits of having an account with the Kawasaki store:

  • Access to full order history - in your account you will see all your orders placed at Kawasaki online store.

  • All invoices and receipts in one place - you will find a VAT invoice or receipt assigned to each completed order.

  • Easy and fast order returns - with an account you can easily notify us if you want to return a part or a whole order.

  • My garage - is a functionality that allows you to park all your Kawasaki vehicles in your virtual garage and more quickly find the original spare parts and accessories you are interested in, matching your vehicles.



How do you use this functionality?

Search for a vehicle by VIN number.

To add a vehicle to your garage, you can search for it by VIN number. If our database does not have such a VIN and your vehicle is not found, use the search engine by entering the basic parameters of the vehicle. Not sure where to find your vehicle's VIN number? Read our manual. Read our manual.

Search for a vehicle by its parameters.

If our database did not find your vehicle by the VIN number you entered, find the vehicle by selecting its basic parameters such as vehicle type, model year, model, model code and color.

Add important dates and information.

You will have all important dates concerning your vehicle in one place. Enter the liability insurance expiration date, technical inspection expiration date and Kawasaki warranty expiration date. This will make it easy for you to find important dates. You can also enter your own vehicle name and registration number.

Enter your vehicle's VIN number.

Regardless of how you added vehicles to your garage, enter its VIN number. This way you will always keep it around.

Upload a photo of your vehicle.

If you have a photo of your vehicle, upload it here. It's always good to please the eye! ;)

Save the data.

Finally, do not forget to save the entered data. This will ensure that your vehicle is parked in the virtual garage and will always be here waiting for you. And by clicking on "Go to sprae parts" or "Go to accessories" you will be easily and quickly redirected to the original spare parts and accessories dedicated to your vehicle.

Your Kawasaki garage may look like this:

Mój garaż Kawasaki

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