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What is it a VIN number?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is the identification number assigned by the manufacturer of a particular vehicle. The modern VIN consists of 17 digits/letters (excluding I,O,Q), which, according to the ISO-3779 standard as applied in the European Union, contains information on the region of production and the vehicle manufacturer's name, the vehicle type (design or body type) and the unique specimen number.

Where can I find a VIN number?

The VIN of your Kawasaki motorbike can be found on the registration certificate (box "E" on the first page of the registration certificate). You can also find this number on the frame of the vehicle. Read it off the frame head: turn the handlebars to the left and you will see the number stamped vertically on the right-hand side.

On ATV' vehicles, look for the number on the lower frame tube, to the left of the engine.

On MULE vehicles, on a plate welded to the frame at the front of the vehicle. On some models also on the frame just behind the front seat. On TRANS models - behind the steering column.

In the case of Kawasaki Jet-Ski, hull-built vehicles, there is a HIN -Hull Indentification Number. It can be found on the hull near the rear platform (usually on the right side). As with road units - you can also find the hull number on the Floating Craft Registration Document under the number "a2".

VIN skuter wodny

Dowód rejestracyjny skuter wodny VIN

Where can I find a part number for my motorbike?

You will find the part number on our diagrams, but if you have the part in hand, you can find the relevant manufacturer's number on it and enter it into the search engine, which will reduce the time it takes to place an order. Naturally - not every part may have a number stamped on it due to its size (e.g. screws), the need for dimensional accuracy or simply for aesthetic reasons. Check each side to see if you can find a sequence of numbers in this format (usually, but not always): XXXXX-XXXX.

Fairings and other painted parts may also have a part number on the inside of the component in question, however, this number may be incomplete. For example: If you want to order a right side radiator grille for your 2016 Versys 1000 in green - you need part number 49125-0589-51P (where "51P" is the colour designation of the part in question). However, if you have removed your damaged part from the vehicle then you will only find the number 49125-0589 stamped on it, which will not give you full information - in which case the easiest way to find the part is by VIN in our catalogue.

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