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Other gadgets

In the Other Gadgets for Motorcyclist category you will find everything that will remind you every step of the way that you are part of the green Kawasaki family. Browse our range and choose green and black gadgets that will be useful to everyone. With our Kawasaki mug or Kawasaki cup, your morning coffee will never taste the same again - now it will give you even more energy for the day, as if you had been given an extra shot of adrenaline.

Whatever the weather outside your window, our gadgets will keep you prepared for any weather conditions - take a look at our Kawasaki sunglasses, and if the weather's bad, lay out our Kawasaki rain umbrella, although we wish you'd rather have to protect yourself from the sun's rays with it - it'll do the job too.

And if you are in the process of organising a birthday party see what decorative accessories you can find in our range. But if you are not the birthday boy or girl, your gift to the recipient can be wrapped in Kawasaki wrapping paper and placed in an elegant gift box.

In short, in the category of other gadgets for the motorcyclist, there is something for everyone.

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BIG SALE. Check it out now!