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Motorcycle oils

At Kawasaki, we understand the importance of selecting the right oil for your motorcycle. Motorcycle oils are advanced fluids responsible for lubricating engines with extreme performance capabilities. There can be no compromise when it comes to selecting the right oil. At, we recommend products from the best manufacturers such as Motul and Castrol.

Engine oils for motorcycles

The motorcycle oil in a running engine is subjected to extreme conditions, during which it must provide the highest quality of lubrication. That is why the correct selection of oil for the engine, and most importantly, for the temperature at which it will operate, is crucial.

Which oil for motorcycles?

This is a question that every motorcyclist probably asks themselves. Which motorcycle oil is better? In terms of viscosity grade, motorcycle oils with 10w40 and 15w50 are among the most popular and work great in the conditions of our climate. When making a choice, attention should be paid to the quality classification according to the API standard. The SN class is currently the most technologically advanced for four-stroke gasoline engines. Motorcycle oils are also divided based on their base. Synthetic oils are the highest quality products. They provide the best oil film and have a low tendency to form deposits. Semi-synthetic oils, which are slightly cheaper and have lower parameters, work great in older and less demanding motorcycles. If you are not interested in details, different oil class designations, and replacement intervals, it is best to follow the motorcycle manufacturer's recommendations. Don't know how to check it? We will be happy to advise you at the Kawasaki store.

Oil for motorcycle shock absorbers

Whether you enjoy peaceful touring or are a track demon, you will need the right oil for your motorcycle shocks. Proper suspension tuning is a key element in maintaining grip during sporty outings on the track, and the right oil can be a crucial element. Ensure riding comfort during long journeys by selecting oil with the appropriate parameters. The most important factor affecting suspension quality is ensuring that the shock absorber oil is regularly changed, preferably according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you don't know which oil to choose for your shocks, write to us, and we will help.

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