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Trust our experience.

We are an authorised Kawasaki online dealer in Poland. We have been serving the Polish market for over 20 years and have consistently built brand stability by offering Kawasaki vehicles, spare parts and accessories.

Check, how to buy motorbike online:

What should you know before buying a motorbike online?

What is the time to process the order?

The order processing time depends on the availability of a particular model in a particular paint version. In order to clarify the lead time, we suggest that you check with the BOK department, who will be able to give you a precise answer.

Vehicle protection in transport.

During transport, the vehicle is precisely protected with straps. Once the package is delivered, the vehicle is unloaded by Kawasaki's qualified staff who prepare it for use and give a demonstration. The motorbike delivered to the customer is fully assembled and ready to ride. It is assembled at the dealer where all the necessary steps are taken to release the finished vehicle to the customer.

Motorbike insurance and payment.

For further information on installments and leasing, please contact BOK support.

Testing opportunities.

Choose your Kawasaki motorbike dealer and arrange a test drive HERE.

Pre-purchase product presentation.

A demonstration of the product can only take place at the dealer's showroom. On the website, pictures, videos, descriptions and technical specifications of the vehicles are available. Once purchased and delivered to your home, a Kawasaki employee will also make a presentation of the motorbike in question.

Complement your new motorbike with the appropriate accessories.

If you wish to equip the motorbike with additional accessories when you purchase it, you will receive it already fully assembled with the accessories fitted. The vehicle will be ready to ride.

Free delivery within Poland.

The motorbike is delivered already after pre-delivery inspection and is ready to use. You will not pay for delivery within Poland.

We advise and answer any questions.

Make use of our expertise. We will be happy to suggest and advise you in choosing the right vehicle.