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Investment security

Your new Kawasaki is much more than just the purchase of a high quality product. It’s an investment in world class engineering and technology that will benefit from dedicated servicing and care. The Kawasaki K-Care WarrantyPlus extended warranty programme provides extra peace of mind ensuring your investment pays dividends for years to come in terms of long and reliable service. K-Care is the easy, hassle-free way to keep you going, in comfort and confidence wherever you go.

As soon as the original factory warranty ends K-CARE steps in, without you even noticing it. It extends the warranty coverage of your machine for as many miles as you may care to travel. If a part that is covered by the plan fails due to a manufacturing defect, Kawasaki will repair or replace the part without any charge - simple as that. No surprises and no charges for labour or parts.

If it’s covered it’s covered.

In the unlikely event your machine does break down, the cover could easily pay for itself. Even better, when the time comes to sell or trade in the machine the cover is transferable to the next owner at no additional charge increasing the resale value.

'Cennik 'Cennik

Requirements of the Plus Guarantee programme

  • the Plus Warranty can only be activated during the duration of the Basic Warranty
  • Motorbikes for commercial use are excluded
  • Mandatory inspection/verification of motorcycle/vehicle condition at any Kawasaki Dealer in Poland
  • Motorbike VIN number for identification purposes
  • Purchase of the warranty plus payment (for purchase please contact our hotline 22 250 21 51) 
  • All of the above requirements must be completed by the purchaser before the basic warranty expires.

Kawasaki is committed to the quality of its machines and therefore allows you to extend the full warranty coverage of your vehicle by a further 24 months (Warranty Plus® ).

Redeeming the Plus ® Guarantee is possible at any Authorised Kawasaki Dealer in Poland or via our helpline. Call now: 22 250 21 51.

Gwarancja Plus Kawasaki