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Topcase & panniers

For every motorbike tourer, motorbike topcases and panniers are indispensable riding companions. They make it much easier to pack your luggage for both big and small trips. You can easily fit everything you need for your trip. And it's also worth pointing out that some models in the Kawasaki range can easily be unzipped and taken back to the hotel as a hand luggage. This makes it much easier to carry your luggage. Another solution are models where you carry your luggage in matching luggage bags. In the Kawasaki shop you will easily find the right product for your motorcycle. We offer both central and side cases. Selecting the right model for your vehicle will make it much easier to fit. Indicate the motorbike for which you are looking for a topcase - specify the type of vehicle, its year and colour, and you will receive a list of matching products. Then add the product to your shopping basket and await the courier with the delivery.

Which topcase to choose?

Depending on what you want to carry in your topcase, you should choose a model with the right capacity. A central trunk with a standard capacity of around 47 litres will be sufficient to hold a motorcyclist's basic equipment such as a helmet, jacket or gloves. In most cases it will also hold two integral helmets, in case you are travelling with a passenger. In the Kawasaki shop you will only find genuine motorbike topcases for all our touring motorbikes. Each consists of interchangeable components that can be replaced quickly and easily. Most of them have colour elements such as trunk caps to match the chosen motorbike colour. Motorcyclists looking for a solution to carry smaller luggage will find side panniers or rear bags called soft centre bags in the Kawasaki webshop. A pannier or bag is ideal for shorter trips or city riding when no larger luggage is needed.

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