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KAWASAKI's General Importer in Poland, hereafter referred to as IMPORTER, warrants that any KAWASAKI vehicle sold by an Authorised Dealer in the Republic of Poland will be free, under normal use and proper maintenance, from defects in material and assembly under the following conditions:


a) The KAWASAKI motorbike must be prepared, serviced and delivered by an Authorised KAWASAKI Dealer.

b) The warranty card must be completed, signed by the purchaser and sent to the Importer within 48 hours of delivery of the motorbike to the Customer (this is the responsibility of the Authorised Dealer).

c) Service work recommended by the manufacturer must be carried out by the Authorised Dealer's service department and confirmed in the warranty booklet.

d) The vehicle must be in its original condition, if additional accessories are used, they must have the approval of KAWASAKI.


KAWASAKI's General Importer in Poland, provides warranty for:

Product category Warranty period
Motorbikes and road scooters - for private use only* 48 months
Motorbikes and road scooters - for use other than private 24 months
Off-road motorbikes (excl. all KX models) 6 months
Jet Skis - for private use only* 24 months
Jet Skis - for use other than private 12 months
ATV / Quad vehicles 24 months
Mule vehicles 12 months
Spare parts 6 months
Accessories (clothing, bags, gadgets etc.) 6 months
Accessories fitted to the vehicle and declared by the dealer under the warranty scheme 24 months**

*Private use - a private user is defined as "a user using a vehicle for purposes which are not related to a trade, business or profession".

**unless otherwise stated


The warranty does not cover:

a) Periodic inspections, including without limitation: oil changes, adjustment of carburettor, ignition, interrupter contact break, brakes, clutch, valve clearance, injectors, etc.

b) Replacement of parts subject to normal wear and tear during operation, including, without limitation: all rubber parts, spark plugs, gaskets, bulbs, lamp and reflector lenses, interrupter contacts, cables, fuses, capacitors, tyres, inner tubes, brake pads and shoes, batteries, clutch discs, filters, operating fluids, tools, hoses, brushes, etc.

c) Vehicles which have been misused, in particular those which have taken part in rallies, motocross, races or other competitions (including informal competitions) and vehicles used for driving lessons, hire, etc.

d) Accident vehicles in which the sum of all accident repairs (cost of parts and labour) amounted to more than 30% of the value of a new vehicle according to the price list valid on the day of the last repair (including promotional prices) and based on original parts distributed by the Importer (irrespective of the parts used for the given repair) as well as the repair and replacement of parts damaged as a result of an accident or collision.

e) Vehicles which have not been used for their intended purpose or in a negligent manner, contrary to the regulations in force or to the present warranty, as well as the damage resulting therefrom.

f) Vehicles which have been modified or altered in such a way as to require the removal of original parts or components, in particular changes to the engine performance, appearance or traction of the vehicle, including improvements to its performance.

g) Any defects or damage caused by the fitting of parts or accessories not approved by the Importer.

h) Vehicles which have not been used in accordance with the Owner's Manual.

i) Vehicles that have not been serviced in a timely manner as specified in the Owner's Manual.

j) Motorcycles that have been disassembled, assembled or repaired outside the network of KAWASAKI Authorised Service Stations.

k) Motorcycles used for purposes other than those for which they were designed.


This warranty is the entire warranty given by the Importer and no dealer or his agent or employee is authorized to extend or enlarge the scope of this warranty and no dealer or his agent or employee is authorized to give any oral warranty on behalf of the Importer. The Importer reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any model of motorbike, at any time, without any obligation to make the same changes to motorbikes previously sold.


To obtain warranty service, the complete motorbike must be delivered at the owner's expense to an Authorised Dealer, within the Republic of Poland.


a) carry out, at an Authorised Service Station and at his own expense, the technical inspections listed in the KAWASAKI Motorcycle Owner's Manual and keep appropriate evidence that these inspections have been carried out.

(b) present the Warranty Book to the Authorised Service Station each time the vehicle is taken in for technical inspection or warranty repair. If the Warranty Book is lost or destroyed, please, in order to obtain a new Warranty Book, contact the Authorised Dealer from whom you purchased the motorbike.


The Importer will not be liable for any loss of time, inconvenience or other indirect or incidental loss arising from the inability to use the motorbike caused by any damage covered by this warranty. In case of doubt at the occurrence of damage or the need to show or examine the material (component), the Importer may request that the damaged part be handed over or have it inspected. In the event of a warranty, it is stipulated that upon recognition of the claim the replaced parts will become the property of the Importer.


The importer provides a 6-months warranty on genuine KAWASAKI spare parts (excluding seals and parts subject to normal wear).



In order for you to drive your motorbike safely and enjoyably, the Importer or Dealer will carry out a zero inspection.


In order to ensure that your motorbike achieves long mileage and that maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum, periodic technical inspections should be carried out at the Importer's Authorised Service Stations according to the Periodic Inspection Plan in the Motorcycle Owner's Manual. Timely periodic maintenance is essential to prevent trouble and accidents and to ensure your safety and satisfaction in riding your motorbike. Periodic maintenance fees are a small part of the possible expenses for repairs caused by neglect of maintenance.


The warranty is only valid in the Republic of Poland where you purchased the motorbike.


If there is a change of ownership of the motorbike during the warranty period, warranty rights will be transferred to the new Owner for the period of time remaining before the warranty expires.