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Z900RS 2023
  • Z900RS 2023
  • Z900RS 2023
  • Z900RS 2023
  • Z900RS 2023
  • Z900RS 2023
  • Z900RS 2023
  • Z900RS 2023
  • Z900RS 2023
  • Z900RS 2023

Z900RS 2023

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Metallic Diablo Black / Metallic Imperial Red

68,300.01 zł
Price (net): 55,528.46 zł

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There’s no place for fake in the lifestyle you choose. Kawasaki alone has the heritage to deliver yesterday’s values to today’s riders in a truly authentic Modern Classic bike. The visceral spirit of a 1970s legend – Kawasaki’s original king of cool Z1 – finds expression in the Z900RS, to satisfy the very essence of the rider you are now.


With a seamless blend of Z1-inspired styling elements and modern craftsmanship – from the iconic teardrop fuel tank to the innovative oval LED taillight – the Z900RS offers timeless good looks with an exquisite attention to detail and superb fit-and-finish that results in a very high-quality appearance.

Engine and Exhaust

Simple, Uncluttered Engine Design

With a naked bike, the engine is an important styling element, and with its simple, uncluttered design the engine adds to the Z900RS’ presence.

Carefully Considered Exhaust Shape, Construction, Material and Finish

When designing the exhaust system over 20 variations were considered before arriving at the final design, one that emphasizes the presence of the In-Line Four engine.

Spoke-Style & Teardrop

Spoke-Style Cast Wheels

Original cast wheels feature flat spokes designed to look like classic wire-spoked wheels.

Iconic Teardrop Tank

The centrepiece of the Z900RS’ design, the beautiful teardrop fuel tank is reminiscent of the Z1.

Z1-Inspired Tail Cowl and LED Taillight

The flowing design of the rear cowl was inspired by the duck-bill tail cowl of the Z1.

Round LED Headlamp

A blend of retro and modern designs, the large ø170 mm LED headlamp casts a bright, white light for great nighttime visibility.

Strong, Smooth In-Line Four Engine

Like the Z1, the Z900RS features a 948cc-class In-Line Four – an engine configuration that inherently offers a great balance of power and manageability. Tuning focuses on the low-mid range. Revs build in a measured, but very determined manner, giving the rider a sense of connectedness between the throttle and rear wheel.

KTRC (Kawasaki TRaction Control)

Contributing to rider reassurance, the Z900RS is equipped with advanced Kawasaki rider support technology. KTRC features two modes that cover a wide range of riding conditions, offering either enhanced sport riding performance or the peace of mind to negotiate slippery surfaces with confidence. Riders may also elect to turn the system off.

Assist & Slipper Clutch

Race-inspired clutch technology offers both a much lighter feel at the lever, as well as a back-torque limiting function that helps prevent rear-wheel hop when downshifting.

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Demo vehicle sale. Check it out now!