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Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023
  • Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023

Jet ski ULTRA 310X 2023


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Chwilowy brak możliwości wyliczenia raty.
123 900,00 zł
Ціна без ПДВ: 100 731,71 zł
108 200,00 zł
Ціна без ПДВ: 87 967,48 zł

Ти заощадиш: 15 700,00 zł

Пропозиція дійсна з 19.10.2023 до 31.08.2024
Найнижча ціна товару: 123 900,00 zł за останні 30 днів.

Ви хочете більше інформації? Зателефонуйте: 22 250 21 51

Наявність уточнюйте у свого дилера Kawasaki.
Оберіть дилера та перевірте контактну інформацію.

Experience the thrill of one of the most powerful supercharged personal watercraft in the PWC industry. The all-new, redesigned, Jet Ski Ultra 310 series represents the latest generation of the most iconic name in watersports. This flagship platform features premium, class-leading features from nose to tail, including creature comforts for all-day fun on the water.

Power Mode Selection

Riders can select from Full, Middle and Low Power Operation, as well as Smart Learning Operation (SLO)-Mode.

Easy-Access Cleats

Built-in cleats provide convenient cinch points when mooring at a dock. Their clever design helps redirect water overboard.


Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration electrically deploys the reverse bucket. Activated with a thumb switch on the right handle, it enables thrust to be controlled with one hand. When deployed, the reverse bucket contributes to deceleration.

Spacious Foot Wells

The deck is flatter and 35 mm lower at the rider’s feet, offering more leg room for increased comfort.

Slim Seat

Two-piece, three-person seat features a redesigned front portion that is 80 mm slimmer at the knees, greatly facilitating stand-up riding.

7” TFT Display

Large, easy-to-read 7” full-colour TFT instrumentation offers multiple display modes, jog-dial control, Bluetooth connectivity, and even infotainment features.

Functional Storage

Completely rethought storage system offers a total storage capacity of 168.5 litres. The 124-litre sealed front compartment is complemented by the new 40-litre Easy-Access Storage (behind the handle, accessible from either the left or the right), a 1.7-litre waterproof compartment (inside the Easy-Access Storage), and 2.8-litre Easy-Access Rear Pocket (aft of the rear seat).

Launch Control Mode

When accelerating with the system engaged, the trim is automatically optimised. Two modes allow either single or repeated launches.

Supercharged Engine

Fitted with a supercharger and intercooler, the liquid-cooled 1,498 cm3, In-line 4-cylinder marine engine propels the ULTRA 310 Series models forward with an exhilarating rush of acceleration.

Deep-V Hull

Loaded with technology from Kawasaki’s championship-winning machines, the race-developed hull handles with precision and control, with a high level of seaworthiness – and at speeds from idle to its impressive top end.


  • Osiągi

  • Moc maksymalna: 221 kW {300 KM} / 8,000 obr./min
  • Maksymalny moment obrotowy: 277 N•m {28.2 kgf•m} / 6,000 obr./min
  • Wymiary

  • Masa pojazdu gotowego do użytku: 468 kg
  • Pojemność zbiornika paliwa: 80 l.
  • Dł x Szer x Wys: 3,440 x 1,195 x 1,180 mm
  • Silnik

  • Układ rozruchowy: Elektryczny
  • Zapłon: Elektroniczny
  • Układ paliwowy: Wtrysk paliwa: Ø 60 mm x 1
  • Układ zaworów: 16 zaworów DOHC
  • Stopień sprężania: 8.2:1
  • Średnica x skok: 83 x 69.2 mm
  • Pojemność skokowa silnika: 1,498 cm³
  • Typ silnika: Chłodzony wodą, 4-suwowy, rzędowy silnik czterocylindrowy

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