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Jet Ski STX 160X 2023
  • Jet Ski STX 160X 2023
  • Jet Ski STX 160X 2023
  • Jet Ski STX 160X 2023
  • Jet Ski STX 160X 2023
  • Jet Ski STX 160X 2023
  • Jet Ski STX 160X 2023
  • Jet Ski STX 160X 2023
  • Jet Ski STX 160X 2023

Jet Ski STX 160X 2023

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Price (net): 64,796.75 zł

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Powered by a class-leading 1,498cc engine with digital fuel injection, the Jet Ski STX160 series of personal watercraft delivers strong acceleration, excellent fuel economy and low emissions. The agile composite hull and advanced rider features make it the ideal choice for lake-loving enthusiasts.


All STX models are equipped with an immobilizer function that determines whether the engine can be started by electronic inquiry from the ignition key and ECU.

78L Fuel Tank

The new body work efficiently secures space and expands the fuel tank capacity from 62L to 78L, giving it the largest capacity in its class. Combined with engine characteristics that allow for good fuel efficiency, it is now possible to go touring for longer than ever.

Larger Rear Platform

The rear platform now has a larger area by extending the rear bumper.

All-digital Meter Panel

It is equipped with a large digital meter that uses an LCD display with excellent visibility. A speedometer with a bar graph-type tachometer is located in the center.

It displays various information such as a fuel gauge and instantaneous fuel consumption, an hour meter, an outboard water temperature meter, an external temperature meter, maximum speed history, an economic riding indicator, and so on.

The position of the instrument panel and the design of the cockpit visor ensure excellent visibility.


  • Osiągi

  • Moc maksymalna: 112 kW {152 KM} / 7,500 obr./min
  • Maksymalny moment obrotowy: 144 N•m {14.7 kgf•m} / 6,000 obr./min
  • Wymiary

  • Masa pojazdu gotowego do użytku: 475 kg
  • Pojemność zbiornika paliwa: 78 l.
  • Dł x Szer x Wys: 3,152 x 1,181 x 1,153 mm
  • Silnik

  • Układ rozruchowy: Elektryczny
  • Zapłon: Elektroniczny
  • Układ paliwowy: Wtrysk paliwa: Ø 60 mm x 1
  • Układ zaworów: 16 zaworów DOHC
  • Stopień sprężania: 10.6:1
  • Średnica x skok: 83 x 69.2 mm
  • Pojemność skokowa silnika: 1,498 cm³
  • Typ silnika: Chłodzony wodą, 4-suwowy, rzędowy silnik czterocylindrowy

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BIG SALE. Check it out now!